Malaria Outbreak in Monieka, DRC

Malaria Outbreak in Monieka, DRC

Request for prayer by the Disciples in Congo

The leaders of the Community of the Disciples of Christ in Congo have informed the Africa office of an outbreak of malaria in Monieka. Over 1200 cases have been documented and 406 deaths (2/3 of which were children) have been recorded. The majority of the deaths have occurred in families who are connected to the Disciples. There are also milder malaria outbreaks in Mbandaka, Bolenge and Ikengo at this time.

The church asks for our prayers for the grieving families, the sick and the medical personnel who are treating them. The leadership of the Disciples in the Congo are planning a trip to comfort and encourage the community in Monieka. Thanks for standing with our brothers and sisters in prayer during this difficult time.

Global Ministries is in the process of responding to this crisis financially along with German partners of the Disciples in the Congo.

Letter requesting prayer in French