MECC & WCC oppose Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories


In a joint letter to heads of states that are part of the European Union, the World Council of Churches (WCC) and Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) appealed for a firm and principled stance by the European Union against any annexation by Israel of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank.

The letter expresses the WCC and MECC’s commitment “to the vision of a just peace for all people in the Holy Land.”

The unilateral annexation of yet more of the territory that remains to Palestinians cannot lead to justice or to peace, but only to greater injustice, dispossession, escalating tensions, regional destabilization, and the further erosion of respect for international law, the letter notes.

“The EU must not be complicit – by inaction or inadequate reaction – in this outcome,” the letter concludes.

Click here to read the full MECC and WCC letter.

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