Mediterranean Hope – Newsletter April 2016

Mediterranean Hope – Newsletter April 2016

The borders’ doctor and the right to health: Sara Manisera – NEV

“The most difficult thing is to solve the health problems of people who have no money in a country where healthcare is managed privately.” These are the words of Luciano Griso, an internist specialised in haematology and psychotherapy, and a member of the “Humanitarian Corridors” team, who has been working in Lebanon since January.  Read more.

Humanitarian Corridors: the 3rd of May will arrive the next group of refugees from Lebanon NEV

Their names are Jamal, Fairouz, Ismail, Nawal or Mouna: they are just some of 98 refugees – Christians and Muslims, between 0 and 83 years – that the 3rd of May will arrive at Fiumicino Airport from Beirut with “humanitarian corridors”: the pilot project which in the framework of the Agreement between the Italian government, the Federation of Protestant churches in Italy (FCEI), the Community of Sant’Egidio and Waldensian board, has already allowed 97 Syrian refugees to flights to Italy, will involve people not only from Lebanon, but also from Morocco and Ethiopia.  Read more.

The effects of the European choices can be seen on people’s facesMatteo De Fazio – Riforma

Deportations from Greece to Turkey began yesterday under the agreement struck in mid-March aimed at easing the flow of people seeking refuge in Europe. However, things can be handled in another way if we look at reality through the lens of rights, as demonstrated by the humanitarian corridors project promoted by the Federation of Protestant Churches and Community of Sant’Egidio.  Read more.

The Horrible Shipwreck That EU Does Not Mention: Daniele Biella – Vita

At least 500 migrants perished in the Mediterranean Sea for whom no national or international authority has proclaimed days of mourning or started investigations or even dedicated a memorial message. Such event is that horrible human loss occurred off the coast of Libya between 15th and 16th April 2016.  Read more.

The Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe: UNITED for Intercultural Actions

Since 1993 UNITED has been monitoring the deadly results of the building of ‘Fortress Europe’ by making a list of the refugees and migrants, who have died in their attempt of entering the ‘Fortress’ or as a result of Europe’s immigration policies.

More than 22.394 deaths have been documented up to now.

If the death of over 22.394 people does not wake up Europe’s conscience, what will?  Read more.

Suspended Lives: Concetta Morana – NEV

It seemed a day like many others but that day we should go to the police station. Once crowded the van, we left towards Ragusa. In Ragusa, Amin from Somalia, Moussa from Mali, Mohamed Abdul Karim and Bouba from the ivory coast would submit their request for asylum. It was like going on a school trip. Everyone was excited. After spending days on preparing them and explaining what the asylum protection meant, they were hardly able to understand why the procedures were so complicated. They were not looking for a better life, they would spend their life in a country that from abroad looked very nice, friendly and safe.  Read more.