Mediterranean Hope – Newsletter November 2015

Mediterranean Hope – Newsletter November 2015

We Do Not Abandon Them

by Francesco Piobbichi. A picture remained in our memories after travelling across the border between Lebanon and Morocco: a woman, holding her children and walking barefoot along the barbed wire. Below her an even greater danger from which to escape: the threatening and cold stormy sea. She might be a Syrian, Nigerian or even a Palestinian woman. Continue to read.

Across the borders: From Lampedusa to Mexico

by Marta Bernardini. I look at the map of the world to try to understand how long the trip, my trip, was this time, and realised that the tiny dot representing Lampedusa is almost at the same height as the border between Arizona and Mexico. The Mediterranean Hope project went to get to know and make itself known by another border of our time, another border between North and South. Continue to read.

Europe Could not Get an Agreement With African Countries: UE Near Accords With Turkey To Manage Immigration Flows

by Internazionale. The summit on immigration held in Malta on 11 and 12 November has produced two results concerning immigration flows: the establishment of a common understanding between African and European countries and the proof that European leaders are ready to make agreements with Turkey to stop the arrival of thousands of immigrants and refugees from Syria and the Middle East. Continue to read.

Paris. Massimo Aquilante, FCEI President of Italy, writes to FCEI President of France, Pastor Clavairoly

by NEV. In the wake of the terrorist attacks that shocked the French capital on the night of 13 November, the President of the Federation of Protestant Churches of Italy (FCEI), Pastor Massimo Aquilante wanted to extend his “deepest sympathy” on behalf of the FCEI of Italy to the President of the Protestant Federation of France (FPF), Pastor François Clavairoly. Continue to read.

Weapons for All

by Claudio Geymonat. Italy is among World’s top arms exporters. Then, many of these arms end up in the Countries that we have been fighting against. Let us see where. Is that the Third World War? Are those new creeping and undeclared kinds of conflict? Is the war on terror? Continue to read.