Meditteranean Hope – Newsletter September 2015

Meditteranean Hope – Newsletter September 2015

Walls, Borders and Repatriations

By Marta Bernardini and Francesco Piobbichi. Lampedusa, Agrigento (NEV), 16 September 2015 – The situation in Lampedusa seems calm now. There have been no arrivals for more than a week and this morning the reception centre was empty. On Monday, people have been rescued in the Strait of Sicily, but their numbers are small compared to the recent past. This apparent calm, perhaps due to sea condition, could stop overnight with a sudden boost of arrivals, as it happened in the past. Read more

Apparently his name was Yassin

by Marta Bernardini and Francesco Piobbichi. Lampedusa, Agrigento (NEV), September 9th 2015 – Yassin should be the name apparently. Yassin came from Eritrea and was arrested for no reason and locked up in one of the many Libya concentration camps. Apparently he had a child and a wife who are in a reception centre in Sweden and he wanted to reunite with them. What is certain, is that he arrived lifeless in Lampedusa, where he was buried a few days ago. Read more

Understanding Violence. Stories of Daily Reception

by Osvaldo Costantini. Scicli, Ragusa (NEV), September 9th 2015 – “I would like to go to Bari”, says Perfect, speaking English fluently. She was at the House of Cultures/Mediterranean Hope a few days ago. She told us she left Libya with her two daughters, leaving behind her husband because they did not have enough money for him to travel. The family fled together from religious conflicts in Nigeria, and lived in Misurata for about two years. Perfect is concerned about the fate of her husband, but she insists she want to go to Bari, where she has an aunt. She would like to build her new life there. Here project is not only to find a good job, but also to fulfill her dream: to become a lawyer. Read more

Lampedusa: An Interfaith Gathering To Remember October 3rd 2013

Rome (NEV), September 23rd 2015 – On October 3rd will take place in Lampedusa an interfaith gathering to remember the victims of the 2013 tragedy that claimed the lives of 366 people. The event will renew the commitment of the faith communities in welcoming the refugees arriving in Europe. The meeting is organised by FCEI (Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy) together with the Community of Sant’Egidio, the Archdiocese of Agrigento and the local parish of San Gerlando. Representatives from the Mormon, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist communities have already confirmed their participation, as well as several Orthodox churches. Read more

LampedusaInFestival VII Edition – 23 to 26 September 2015 in Lampedusa

During the past six editions of the LampedusaInFestival, we concentrated a year’s work in just a few days, and placed the film competition at the centre of the event. This year we have decided to abandon the logic of competitions, juries and prizes, and will instead propose cultural and political activities in Lampedusa and Linosa throughout the year with the aim of including more the inhabitants of the islands in sharing, learning and discussion processes. Read more