Critical Presence Special Giving Opportunities in the Middle East and Europe

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What is Critical Presence?



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Critical Presence in the Middle East and Europe means Leadership Development. Global Ministries partners with the Near East School of Theology to help prepare both clergy and lay leadership in an area of the world where Christianity (particularly Protestant Christianity) is a minority, making this a priority in the ecumenical and interfaith context of the region.


Critical Presence in Europe means fostering mission relationships with churches there, many of whose witness includes ecumenical and interfaith relations, social programs, and regional advocacy on issues of global concern. Global Ministries is in relationship with many partners in Europe who work in these areas, including the Union of Evangelical Churches (Germany).


Critical Presence in the Middle East and Europe means education and advocacy on Middle East policy and seeking peace. Conflict resolution through advocacy is one way that churches can be involved in supporting peace in the Middle East. Global Ministries is engaged in education and advocacy through organizations such as Churches for Middle East Peace, through support of Ecumenical Advocacy Days, and through the development of resources for interpretation of the Middle East conflict.