1983 UCC Executive Council Resolution Regarding the Armenian Question

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VOTED 83 6 EC 18a:  The Executive Council, acting ad interim for the Fourteenth General Synod, refers the resolution on "Middle East" to the United Church Board for World Ministries for appropriate action.

VOTED 83 6 EC 20a:  The Executive Council receives the resolution "Regarding the Armenian Question" referred to it by the Fourteenth General Synod and extends to the Armenian people, and in particular the Armenian congregations and members of the United Church of Christ, deep sympathy and understanding in regard to the genocidal persecution experienced by this people in the early decades of this century. And further, the Executive Council requests the United Church Board for World Ministries to study this history in collaboration with our Armenian constituency and to propose to the Executive Council positive steps towards justice in the historical account and towards peace and reconciliation in this matter.


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