1993 General Synod Resolution: Urging Reopening of East Jerusalem

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1993 Nineteenth General Synod

6. Resolution "Urging reopening of East Jerusalem"

Continuing the report of Committee Fifteen, Ms. Laura Hoglund moved the adoption of the Resolution "Urging Reopening of East Jerusalem." Ms. Hoglund pointed out that the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is considering a similar Resolution this afternoon. Ms. Hoglund requested that the Rev. Dale Bishop from the United Church Board for World Ministries be granted voice without vote. Voice without vote was granted by consensus.

Rev. Bishop spoke in favor of the Resolution.

93-GS-67 VOTED: The Nineteenth General Synod adopts the Resolution "Urging Reopening of East Jerusalem.:

Resolution "Urging reopening of East Jerusalem"

WHEREAS, in response to individual acts of violence against Israelis, the government of Israel, on March 29, 1993, imposed a ban on Palestinians residing in the West Bank and Gaza from entering Israel and East Jerusalem- a ban which continues to the present;

WHEREAS, this ban has prevented many Palestinians from reaching medical facilities in Jerusalem and has kept Christian and Muslim residents of the Occupied Territories from their holy sites in East Jerusalem.

WHEREAS, this ban has devastated the Palestinian economy, causing an economic loss of approximately $3,000,000 per day;

WHEREAS, the United States government has advocated a position, which is in accord with the position of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, that East Jerusalem is occupied territory and that no party can unilaterally change that status;

WHEREAS, just as Jerusalem is of central importance to the Jewish people, so is East Jerusalem the cultural, economic and religious center of the Palestine people, both Christian and Muslim;

WHEREAS, the churches of The Middle East have sought the support of churches around the world in ending the closure of East Jerusalem; and

WHEREAS, the closure of East Jerusalem represents an obstacle to the successful continuation of The Middle East Peace Talks;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that General Synod Nineteen requests that the President of the United Church of Christ call upon the U.S. government to urge Israel to end its ban on travel to East Jerusalem by residents of the West Bank and Gaza;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the General Synod Nineteen requests the President of the United Church of Christ communicate with all of the delegations to The Middle East Peace Talks the hope that these negotiations will lead to a just peace in the region based upon security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians, as well as their neighbors;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that General Synod Nineteen affirms its solidarity with The Middle East Council of Churches in declaring that the city of Jerusalem must be the Jerusalem for all peoples.


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