2013 Executive Council action on reports of implementation of 2005 ΓÇ£Economic LeverageΓÇ¥ resolution

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At its March 8-10, 2013 meeting in Cleveland, the Executive Council of the United Church of Christ requested of the Collegium of Officers, the United Church Funds, and the Pension Boards of the UCC to prepare brief, written summary reports of their efforts to implement the 2005 General Synod resolution, “Concerning the Use of Economic Leverage to Promote Peace in the Middle East.” These reports were received at the June 27, 2013 meeting of the Executive Council.  The reports are online here:

Collegium of Officers’ report

United Church Funds report

Pension Boards report

Executive Council member and Central Atlantic Conference Minister, the Rev. Dr. John Deckenback, prepared this summary comparative chart, based on the three reports.

The Executive Council, in its June meeting, took the following action:

It was VOTED

13-06-EC-06               the Executive Council receives, with appreciation, the reports of The Pension Boards, the Collegium of Officers and the United Church Funds, as requested by the Chair of the Executive Council at the March 2013 meeting, regarding the implementation of the 2005 General Synod Resolution Concerning the Use of Economic Leverage to Promote Peace in the Middle East.  The Executive Council directs the Secretary to forward the reports to the Secretary of the United Church of Christ Board for its consideration and urges the new Board to continue to encourage the use of economic leverage toward bringing an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories.