Message from Philippines to Child Sponsors

Message from Philippines to Child Sponsors

Dear friends at Foothills Christian Church,

Warm greetings from Dumaguete, Philippines.  How are you?  I am sorry for this quite late report with regards to the books and other materials we have bought out of the special gift you have shared with Ivan’s classmates.  Actually, Ivan was also able to buy few personal belongings and he brought home a chess board, pingpong, balls and few books which he also shared with her younger sister and friends. They are very happy and thankful. Their teacher and school principal are also sending their heartfelt gratitude to all of you.  Attached is a copy of the poster I made for Ivan.  At first I just wanted to send you pictures of Ivan and his friends but later decided to send you the whole poster.  I hope its okay with you all.  I put your names for Ivan and his family to know each one of you.  

I have a very sad news for you.  Last month, a tyhoon hit our country and Dumaguete City and its nearby towns were severely affected.  There was a flash flood that caused so much damage to personal belongings and houses.  More than 20 people died and hundreds of families especially those living near the river were in evacuation centers for sometime.  Until now, some families are still staying in tents waiting for our local government to provide them new shelter in a safety place.

Ivan and his family are one of those families affected.  Lower portion of their house was damaged and all their personal belongings and kitchen utensils were washed away by the flood.  It took them many days to clean their house from sticky mud.  Ivan needs to buy new set of school uniform, school supplies and other materials for school.  There are assistance and support from the local government as well as from concerned individuals which they are all very thankful. However, it will still take them a long time to overcome the trauma as well as to let go of losing all their valued things.  As of now, Ivan and his family are fine staying with his maternal grandparents.  They are looking for another place to stay.

This is all for now.  Please include us  in your prayers.  God bless you all.

Staff of
Dumaguete Kalauman Development Center