Microcredit and Rural Development Projects

Microcredit and Rural Development Projects

microcredit_1_.pngWhen a group of women in Mozambique wanted to provide walls for their church, the men asked, “Where will you women get money?”

The men were simply stating a fact – these women had no income to claim as their own. Nevertheless, this tenacious group rallied around their cause and began making small loans to each other to start several small businesses. After many months, the women pooled together enough resources to accomplish what others had deemed impossible – they provided three of the new walls for their church and challenged the men’s group to provide the fourth wall.

The power of microcredit lies in the belief that many people victimized by poverty are capable of supporting themselves if they have access to the small amount of capital necessary for starting their own business. In most micro-credit projects, groups make loans to individuals, and these loans are repaid with a small amount of interest so that additional funds can be made available to the group.

Global Ministries works with partners who have established micro-credit groups to provide additional seed money so that these opportunities can be extended to a greater number of people.

Make your gift an alternative gift of Microcredit and honor a loved one while making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

Current Microcredit Projects

FEDICE Priority Projects FEDICE (Ecuador)
Women’s Network CEDECOL (Colombia)
Microcredit and Savings Project Community of Disciples of Christ in the Congo
Guatemalan Cultural Action Group ACG
Woman to Woman Worldwide Round Table for Mission Development Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Mexico
Microcredit Training and Promotion United Church of Christ in Mozambique
Smoked Fish Microcredit Project Christian Council of Ghana