Mira Rizeq Elected President of the World YWCA

Mira Rizeq Elected President of the World YWCA

At the 2019 World Council of the YWCA, Mira Rizeq was elected as President of the worldwide organization. Mira is the President of the YWCA of Palestine, a Global Ministries partner, and has also served as a Global Ministries Board Member. Global Ministries extends congratulations to Mira in this new position!

Mira shares the following words with YWCA sisters, friends, and supporters:

“I am honored to stand here today as the newly elected President of the World YWCA for the next quadrennium, and I say thank you, thank you so much for each and everyone for the confidence you have granted me. It is such a privilege and honor for me to be offered this opportunity to serve on the New Board with 19 other board members, 60 % of whom are under 30 years of age. We have proven again and again that we are this unique intergenerational women organization that walks its talk: this is truly empowering for all of us. I still remember when I was quite young, how inspired I was by leaders and past Presidents like Lady Nita Barrow from Barbados, Anita Anderson from Sweden, and later by Razia Ismail from India and then Susan Brennan from Australia. These women, alongside my mother have been my source of inspiration.

When I came to this council, I was eager to learn, share, enjoy, exchange, as I always do. This is the 8th world council meeting I attend. But as soon as I was elected, I started seeing and hearing things differently:  I was walking around and talking to people and hearing them attentively and deeply.  What did I hear: I heard your love for the movement and pride, your commitment and expectations, your dreams and aspirations. It is going to be a challenge to live up to all this, so I realize the big responsibility on my shoulders. I also heard concerns, fear, insecurity, and suspicions: so I realized even more that I and the Board have a big task ahead of us.  You will have my commitment that we will continue do what is best for the movement so we stay relevant and empowering to our young women and responsive to the communities that need us most: let us not forget that we are here to improve the lives of these most vulnerable women that face atrocities, displacements, violence, poverty and death every day, we have the ethical responsibility to keep their hopes alive.”

Read Mira’s full letter here.

Congratulations again, Mira!