Mission Co-Worker Presentations

Mission Co-Worker Presentations

These recorded presentations from mission co-workers can be downloaded and used by your congregation for Sunday School classes, evening Bible studies or morning prayer groups.

Want to invite a mission co-worker to join your congregation virtually for a service or class? Email lhernandez@dom.disciples.org

For sermons from mission co-workers, please click here.

Sean Amato, who served in Egypt

Nishan and Maria Bakalian, who serve in Lebanon

Phyllis Byrd, who serves in Kenya

John and Karen Campbell-Nelson, who served in Indonesia

Kahala Cannon, who served in eSwatini

Debbie and Larry Colvin, who served in Ghana

Abigail Fate, who served in Mexico

Abi Hernandez, who served in Japan

Robert Howard, who served in Fiji

Emmanuela Loccident and Fritz Gerald Joseph, who served in Morocco

Fiona Kendall, who serves in Italy

Fiyori Kidane, who served in Greece

Mark Knowles and Danielle Murry-Knowles, who serve in Lesotho

Tom and Monica Liddle, who served in East Timor

Dusty and Kelsey Riebel, who served in Ecuador

Kaitlin Thompson, who served in the Dominican Republic