CTS 2012-2013

The purpose of  the Global Ministries Council of Theological Students (CTS) is to equip diverse groups of ministerial students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective ministers in a global community.

Members of the Council of Theological Students network with other UCC and Disciples students, and have the opportunity to learn of, engage in and interpret the work of Global Ministries.

 CTS Newsletters

Fall 2013 CTS Newsletter: Introductions 2013-2014
Journeying with Partners in Kenya – 2012/2013 Global Ministries Council of Theological Students
Connecting Community by Larry Garcia
Fall 2012 CTS Newsletter: Introductions, Council of Theological Students, Global Ministries
Fall 2011 CTS Newsletter: Introductions 2011-2012
 Fall 2010 CTS Newsletter: Meet the CTS for 2010-2011
 Spring 2010 CTS Newsletter: Be a Global Mission Church
 September 2009 CTS Newsletter: Welcome Class of 2009-2010
 July 2009 CTS Newsletter: Millennium Development Goals and Christian Mission
 May 2009 CTS Newsletter: World Hunger
 March 2009 CTS Newsletter: Water
 February 2008 CTS Newsletter: Christian Mission and Human Trafficking
 September 2008 CTS Newsletter: Our Year Together
 April 2008 CTS Newsletter: Global Health Care
 March 2008 CTS Newsletter: Mission Praxis
 January 2008 CTS Newsletter: HIV/AIDS
 September 2007 CTS Newsletter: Welcome!
 May 2007 CTS Newsletter: Pain and Healing
 March 2007 CTS Newsletter: Communion

 Other Resources

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