Mission Stories

  • Send Christmas Cards to Churches in Japan

    By: Jeffrey Mensendiek Sep 22, 2020

    You are invited to share love and hope by participating in the Christmas Card Project with partner churches in Japan this year. This project was started in 2013 in response to the terrible devastation that our partners experienced after the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of 2011. Each year, 35 to 40 UCC and Disciples of Christ churches have reached out globally through prayer by sending a Christmas card to one or two churches in northeastern Japan. This year, given...Read more...

  • Pray with Ghana Sunday, September 27, 2020

    By: Larry Colvin Sep 21, 2020

    Ghana_Larry_Colvin_image004.pngLectionary Selection:  Exodus 17:1-7

    Prayers for Ghana:  

    As we offer our gifts to you, O God, remind us that they are but gifts you have provided to us for our daily needs. Often we grumble, particularly in this time of Covid-19 that has brought us to a wilderness full of questions and concerns. Yet, you remain among us, faithful and plentiful.

    We remember those who heard your call to leave homes...Read more...

  • Pray with Mexico Sunday, September 20, 2020

    By: Elena Huegel Sep 14, 2020

    Mexico_Elena_Huegel_DSCN9091.JPGLectionary Selection:  Exodus 16:2-15

    Prayers for Mexico:  

    Our God, heart of the sky - heart of the earth,
    we who live in the birthplace of corn, who eat thin wafers called tortillas that fall not from the heavens but are a rich gift from mother earth, we ask your Spirit to transform our complaints into a joyous passion for abundant life.

    As we complain about conflicts: shape our collective strength,  resistance in...Read more...

  • Pray with Fiji Sunday, September 13, 2020

    By: Robert Howard Sep 08, 2020

    Fiji_RJ_Howard_5.jpegLectionary Selection:  Exodus: 14:19-31

    Prayers for Fiji:  

    In the darkest of times, the Lord is there with us. While the Egyptian army pursued the Israelites on their trek to a better life, God was ever-present and assisted the refugees all along the way. In the final desperate hour, intervening through the natural world, God played a pivotal role by acting as both a protector and ultimate defender of the Israelites. This intervention can...Read more...

  • Lebanon Hope

    By: Nishan Bakalian Aug 26, 2020


  • Pray with Hong Kong Sunday, August 30, 2020

    By: Judy Chan Aug 24, 2020

    Hong_Kong_Judy_ChanCandlelight_Vigil.jpgLectionary Selection:  Romans 12:9-21

    Prayers for Hong Kong:  
    O Lord, in the face of so much evil in our world, guide us on the noble path in obedience to Your holy commands. When facing overwhelming odds, we remember that You only call us to be faithful. “Success” in the world’s eyes is not guaranteed. We leave the final judgment to You, our just and merciful God. May the Church and the people...Read more...

  • Celebrating God’s Presence

    By: Larry Colvin Aug 20, 2020

    The gathering may have been smaller and the celebration more subdued but the joy of God’s presence and the excitement of accomplishment and new beginnings still permeated the air as the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary gathered for its annual service of consecration on August 15th.


  • Pray with Lesotho Sunday, August 23, 2020

    By: Mark Knowles Aug 17, 2020

    Lesotho_Mark_Knowles_MTS_2019_Graduates.jpgLectionary Selection:  Exodus 1:8-2,10

    Prayers for Lesotho:  

    God, in troubling times you raise up talented leaders, those set apart and trained to do your work, to confront oppression, to care for the hurting, to respond to crises. As a new group of pastors and lay leaders graduate from Morija Theological Seminary this August, we pray for them. We pray that, though they will not have a graduation ceremony, they still feel...Read more...

  • Peki/Blengo, Ghana

    By: Larry Colvin Aug 13, 2020

    In mid-March Debbie and I returned from a trip to Accra to renew our work and residency permits.


  • No Place Like Home

    By: Judy Chan Aug 10, 2020

    On June 30, two big events happened in Hong Kong. The first was the passing of the National Security Law for Hong Kong.


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