Mission Stories

  • Losing My Voice

    By: Michelle McKay Oct 05, 2018

    Today is my fourth week of living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While this isn’t my first trip to this beautiful Caribbean island, Haiti is now considered my home. I am honored to serve the National Council of Spiritual Churches in Haiti (CONASPEH) for a three-year assignment. One of the ways I assist is as a Conversational English teacher at College St. Andre.


  • Beautiful and Hilarious

    By: Anne Gregory Oct 01, 2018

    God’s Providence. God provides. I am back working in Bangkok after six months of itineration in the USA. I spoke at more than 20 churches in five different states. The only negative experiences I had were with machinery. Thank God! Everywhere I went people were welcoming and giving—even when they had problems of their own. Well, I think we all have problems of our own.


  • Updates from Colombia

    By: Michael Joseph Oct 01, 2018

    Greetings from Bogotá, where we’re 2600 meters closer to the stars. 2018 has proven to be one of the busiest and richest times in my ministry in Colombia. Let me share a couple of the highlights with you.

    Workshop.jpegWhat a joy it has been to begin workshops on conflict transformation and restorative justice at the Icononzo FARC Reintegration Community. The first conflict transformation workshop was held in Icononzo, Tolima on September...Read more...

  • Diocese of Durgapur's Free Eye Clinic

    By: Joanines Adorno-Díaz Oct 01, 2018

    good_shepherd_eye_hospital.jpegThe Diocese of Durgapur is really attentive to it’s surrounding community. They are paying attention to the needs and catering to them.

    Durgapur is located in a rural industrial area. Many of the population work in the industries or in the fields. Where they are highly exposed to chemicals and heat. Many cannot afford proper treatment. That is when the eye center was created.


  • Pray with Mexico on Sunday, October 7, 2018

    By: Jerri Handy Oct 01, 2018

    mexico_jerri_handy_01.jpgLectionary Selection:Mark 10:35-45

    Prayers for Mexico:

    On this World Communion Sunday, oh God of love and mercy, may we open our hearts, not only, to the reality of your love for us as individuals beloved, but also, to your call to serve. As we come to your table to share this meal of bread and cup; open our hearts, our minds, our arms to the life-giving ritual where everyone in welcome.

    ...

  • Lekil Kuxlejal - The dream of the good life

    By: Elena Huegel Sep 25, 2018

    Mexico_EHuegel_1.JPGIndigenous Peoples' Day, 2018

    A few months ago, those of us in the area of Theology and Spirituality of the Institute for Intercultural Study and Research here in Chiapas were discussing the vision with which we live our individual and collective lives. jPetul (Peter in the Tseltal Mayan language) explained the Mayan concept of "lekil kuxlejal," which means to be well and at peace with oneself, one's family and...Read more...

  • Rice Christians, School Muslims

    By: Karen Campbell-Nelson Sep 25, 2018

    indonesia_karen_KN.pngIn July this year, in Oe Ue, a remote village in East Amanuban Sub-district of South Central Timor, 19 Christians, many of them children, recited syahadat. This is the basic confession by which one becomes a Muslim: “There is no god but Allah, and Mohamed is His Prophet.”.A video of the event was posted on social media and news of the conversions went viral. The reaction of Christians, members of GMIT...Read more...

  • Communion in a Time of Ebola - Democratic Republic of Congo

    By: Paul Turner Sep 25, 2018

    DR_Congo_Paul_Turner_20180617_104534.jpegThe news on May 8th that confirmed cases of Ebola were present in the Equator Province of DR Congo just 50 miles outside the city of Mbandaka was paralyzing. The Ebola virus is one the deadliest on the planet with no known cure. That second Sunday in May, the Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo (CDCC) began to mobilize to increase awareness and equip medical facilities to treat the victims and...Read more...

  • A Blessing from Cuba

    By: Elena Huegel Sep 25, 2018

    The congregation forms a circle large enough to include everyone. Each person either places their hand on the head of the person to their right or their right palm on the back of the left hand of the person to the right.


  • Timor-Leste: On-going Challenges

    By: Tom Liddle Sep 25, 2018

    Timor-Leste is facing what seem like insurmountable challenges these days.  I’ll mention three things that touch the daily lives of people here and ask for your prayers.


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