Mission Stories

  • Being a Worm

    By: Tom Liddle May 10, 2019

    “…I am a worm and not human; scorned by others and despised by the people.”

    Psalm 22:6


  • Pray with East Timor, Sunday, May 12, 2019

    By: Monica Liddle May 06, 2019

    East_Timor_Vijay_IMG_0180.JPGLectionary Selection:  John 10:22-30

    Prayers for East Timor:  

    Good and gracious Shepherd, we have heard your voice and your invitation to follow. From day to day, in many and diverse ways, you walk alongside us. You are at work in the rising of the sun and its setting. The intricacies of creation and human relationships show forth your presence with us. And for that, we give you thanks. On this day,...Read more...

  • Holy Week in Scicli

    By: Ron Dauphin May 03, 2019

    The Holy Week procession on Tuesday evening carries a diorama of Christ on the cross through the streets of Scicli.


  • Pray with Lebanon Sunday, May 5, 2019

    By: Nishan Bakalian Apr 29, 2019

    Lebanon_Nishan_Bakalian_IMG_0149.jpegLectionary Selection:  John 21:1-19

    Prayers for Lebanon:  

    Dear Lord and Savior, Friend and Brother, standing by the edge of the water with your eye and heart fixed upon us, now hear our prayer as we immerse ourselves in the busy-ness of the day, trying to forget how abandoned we feel in this heartless world.

    Though we wish to be with you today in Paradise, instead we find ourselves here on Earth, continuing the...Read more...

  • Pray with Kenya Sunday, April 28, 2019

    By: Bosela Eale Apr 22, 2019

    Lectionary Selection:  John: 20:19-31

    Prayers for Kenya:  

    Lord, in our fear and despair, your comfort is always with your people in Kenya and the rest of the African continent. You always intervene in our difficult situations when we have no idea about what will happen.

    Your presence is enough to heal the wounded hearts and make happy those who are sad. Help your people to move from unbelief and believe in your promises. When we are stuck by unbelief or doubt or...Read more...

  • Pray with Israel/Palestine Sunday, April 21, 2019

    By: Sara Makari Apr 15, 2019

    Israel_Palestine_Sara_Makari_Easter_Sunrise_Service_on_Mt._of_Olives.jpegLectionary Selection: John 20:1-18

    Prayers for Israel/Palestine:  

    Gracious God, our Heavenly Father, by the resurrection of your beloved Son, Jesus our Lord, you have turned sadness into joy, doubt into faith, anxiety into peace, darkness into light, and despair into hope.

    We pray today for our neighbors in Palestine and Israel who work unceasingly for justice and peace but feel continually defeated by hopelessness, and cannot see light beyond the tunnels of...Read more...

  • Imagine

    By: Ron Dauphin Apr 12, 2019

    Imagine a life very different from yours and mine. Imagine being a teenage girl living in an African nation that is beset with violence and extreme poverty. Your parents are good and loving people, but the circumstances of life are overwhelming.


  • Broken

    By: Jeffrey Mensendiek Apr 12, 2019

     This Lenten season, my mind is stuck on an image of a dilapidated house that I saw in Fukushima. The house is still standing, but it is beyond repair. On first sight, it does not look habitable. Yet when evening comes, there is a light that goes on in the kitchen toward the back of the property. The house was damaged by the earthquake eight years ago. The trees in the small yard are overgrown. The front of the house...Read more...

  • Reflections on the Eighth Anniversary of Japan's Triple Disaster: Part 2

    By: Jeffrey Mensendiek Apr 10, 2019

    March 11, 2019 marked eight years since Japan’s “Triple Disaster.” Communities and individuals are still marked by this disaster and continue the work of healing. Mission Co-worker in Japan, Jeffrey Mensendiek, shares some reflections from a recent trip he took to Fukushima with Derek Duncan, Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific.  Part one can be found here. This is part two:


  • Joyful Noises in Zambia

    By: Robert Breckenridge Apr 09, 2019

    One of the aspects of Zambian worship, which has most struck me during my term of volunteer service here, has been the very rich musical life of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ).


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