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  • Pray with Israel/Palestine on Sunday May 20, 2018

    By: Sara Makari May 14, 2018

    palestine_separation_wall_2016.jpegLectionary Selection: John 15:26-27:16:4b-15

    Prayers for Israel/Palestine:

    Come Comforter, Holy Spirit, Love Divine: descend upon your people – Israelis and Palestinians – in this land. Reveal to them a new vision of reconciliation amid conflict, and open before them new paths for peace. Uphold their pursuits of justice and righteousness in the face of violations against their humanity. Fortify their courage and tenacity for hope when despair assaults them and frustrates their quest...Read more...

  • Jesus Has Left the Building: Hear the Word, Receive the Word and Do the Word

    By: Jeanette Salley May 11, 2018

    This is an action producing statement because it expresses how the church, the body of Christ, should do ministry—and that is, to follow Jesus as He leaves the church building to “be” in the streets where, according to scripture, His message of love, forgiveness, life, mercy, and grace can be revealed.  It’s a wonderful and enriching experience to attend worship service on Sunday and to continue to worship by following Jesus.  It’s a wonderful and enriching experience to attend prayer...Read more...

  • A Test of Faith

    By: Tom Liddle May 11, 2018

                  Seven youth from Lospalos recently spent two days traveling to a spring youth event that was attended by 70 youth of our partner church here, the Protestant Church in Timor-Leste.  During the two nights spent in the village of Beasu, evil spirits struck all five of the Lospalos girls who went.  Some had stomach pains, minor tremors, and brief moments of dissociation.  Two girls had hysterical outbursts and had to be physically restrained...Read more...

  • Thanking God and You! / Part 2

    By: Bosela Eale May 10, 2018

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya!

    God has been faithful to me and my family throughout the year 2017. The All Africa Conference of Churches is where I am assigned to serve as Global Ministries co-worker. The department of Peace, Diakonia, and Development under my leadership had planned many activities during the 2017. It will not be possible to share all in this letter but I will just give a few highlights.


  • Contribuyendo a la capacitación de líderes eclesiales / Training of Ecclesial Leaders

    By: Carlos Sediles-Real May 10, 2018

    Durante el segundo semestre académico del 2017 (julio-diciembre) la Comunidad Teológica de México (CTdeM) ofreció a sus estudiantes el curso Taller de lectura e interpretación bíblica, con la participación de 20 líderes y lideresas de diversas iglesias. El curso se desarrolló como parte de los programas de Diplomado en Biblia y Licenciatura en Teología. Los estudiantes llegaron de los distintos Seminarios que conforman la CTdeM, compartiendo sus experiencias y...Read more...

  • Learning in the Philippines

    By: Lauren Robinson May 10, 2018

    Dear Friends, new and old, and Family,

    I hope that you are doing well! I'm Lauren and I would like to invite you to learn about my journey here in the Philippines.


  • Eighty-eight Souls Lost in the Vast Pacific Ocean

    By: Niko Sopepa May 10, 2018

    The churches in the Pacific are standing beside the people of Kiribati (an island nation in the northern Pacific, south of Hawaii) in a very trying and painful moment in their maritime history. On January 18 the ferry MV Butiraoi (pronounce pushy-rah-o-ee) left the island of Nonouti (pronounce nor- nor –oush-ee) for the capital of Kiribati Tarawa. The ferry was carrying 72 adults, 13 high school students, and 10 elementary school children. None of the children survived the ordeal.


  • Red Continental de Juventudes por la Paz / Continental Youth Network for Peace

    By: Ricardo Mayol May 10, 2018

    La Red Continental Cristiana por la Paz (RECONPAZ), desde y con el Concejo Ecuménico Cristiano de Guatemala, por la Paz, inició un camino, determinó un paso y encaminó un proceso con juventudes; y éstas han encontrado y reconocido unas en las otras, y han dicho seamos red, extendamos malla, y atrapemos sueños, y tejámoslos; sueños valientes que enfrenten las pesadillas de una violencia que asesina, saquea y discrimina. Dijeron seamos reconpaz.


  • Resilience from Within

    By: Jeffrey Mensendiek May 10, 2018

    I have completed four years at Kwansei Gakuin University (KG) in Kobe. It’s a rather large institution (23,000 students) established by Methodist missionaries in 1889. I had two roles. First, I was chaplain of the Center for Religious Activities where I coordinated programs with other chaplains; events, lectures, worship services, work camps, Christmas events, newsletters, and various other programs that help to enrich the learning environment for the students, and at the same time educate about the Christian values and...Read more...

  • We are not alone

    By: Martha Mensendiek May 10, 2018

    Dear Friends,

    I want to share with you some news from the Bazaar Café in Kyoto. (The Bazaar Café is our church’s coffee house ministry.) Among the many programs we have going on at the Café, last year we started what is called “Shaba Café.”  “Shaba” refers to the “outside world” as opposed to the world inside prison.


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