Mission team from Upper Midwest returns from El Salvador

Mission team from Upper Midwest returns from El Salvador

Christian Church in the Upper Midwest

El Salvador Mission Team from the Christian Church of the Upper Midwest region in March 2003.

El Salvador was visited by thirteen members of a mission team of folks from the Christian Church in the Upper Midwest. They reported that they stayed basically healthy for the nine day mission except for a few upset stomachs. Several congregations and individuals made it possible for the team shared sunglasses, combs, toothbrushes, playdough, crayons, Band-Aids, medications, socks, washcloths, candy and Spanish New Testaments with people in San Salvador and in the village where a new house was constructed.

Numerous children and mothers benefited from a “Well Child Clinic” provided by some of the team. Thanks to the Des Moines Area Hunger Hike 25 pounds of beans, 25 pounds of rice, 50 pounds of corn, a bottle of oil, 12 1/2 pounds of sugar and 2 pounds of coffee were shared with the families of the nine men who worked side by side with us each day. Only seeing the faces and receiving the hugs of the people as they received food and other items of love would give you a true appreciation for their gratitude.

Along with Marco Gonzales (our Missionary in El Salvador) and one person from each family that will move into a new home when all are complete, we completed one 6 by 6 meter concrete block house, reinforced with rebar horizontally and vertically to help protect it in earthquakes and hurricanes. The roof is of concrete and wood fiber in a wavy shape. The new owners were pleased and went around exploring every inch and the father wrote his name, “Victor Manuel Flores” on one corner of the house. Some of our team also helped start the foundation for another house.

The daily devotions led by members of the team were uplifting and meaningful to the group’s spiritual sustenance. In additions, the prayers of congregations back home made a difference.

Our relationship with our congregations (five in all), a grant from the Week of Compassion and with our Global Ministries office in Indianapolis and our partnership with the Lutheran Church of El Salvador under the leadership of Bishop Gomez gave us solidarity in purpose and support in every way.

The team members were passionate in that, “All in all, the El Salvador experience has changed our lives and the results were satisfying spiritually and physically (the house). We hope to have contributed in at least a small way to the lives of our brothers and sisters in El Salvador and we hope that someday, others in our congregations will have the opportunity to experience this rewarding pilgrimage.”