Mozambique after Cyclone Kenneth

On April 29th, Cyclone Kenneth touched down just six weeks after Cyclone Idai. Cyclone Idai displaced thousands and claimed the lives of almost 500 people in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Tropical Cyclone Kenneth has caused death and destruction in the Comoro Islands, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Tanzania. An estimated 38 people on Africa’s southeastern coast have died due to Cyclone Kenneth.

The United Church of Christ in Mozambique (UCCM), a Global Ministries partner, has shared that the situation in the northern part of the country is getting dire where more than 20,000 families are homeless as a result of Cyclone Kenneth washing away their homes in mudslides. 

Reverend Lucas Amosse, president of the UCCM, wrote, “Cyclone Kenneth destroyed everything that was left after Cyclone Idai. We do not know how we shall survive. Only God knows. We ask your prayers for the many broken hearts. There are people who do not know where to go or how to start rebuilding their lives. We are in a real crisis.” 

Gifts may be sent for Global Ministries partners in Mozambique, or to Week of Compassion (Disciples) or One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC).


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