National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) Organizations Respond to COVID-19

An unprecedented situation requires extraordinary responses. The central and state governments have responded. There are criticisms about how it was done. Nevertheless, concerns relating to how the lockdown has affected the poor and the migrants among us are being looked into as and when the situation arises.

Churches and Christian institutions in many locales have responded spontaneously by providing, food, infrastructure, and personnel; all along with maintaining regular pastoral care and spiritual guidance during these difficult times. Our medical fraternity has been at the forefront. We support them with our prayers. Any concrete support to keep them going will be very useful.

We have been in touch with what is being done by the local congregations, and also connecting those in need with the local churches. We share here some of what our Churches and organizations, and their networks, have done in the initial days of the crackdown on COVID-19.

We will share more as and when we collect more stories.

Let us pray for each other and the whole world.

Rev. Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary, NCCI

NCCI Organizations updates in response to COVID-19


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  • Sankar Samuel
    commented 2020-05-19 13:48:04 -0400
    “The Lord will restore them to Health”.
    Ps 41:3.
    Subject: Church’s Response to Covid 19.
    In the year 2020 pandemic has caused uncertainty. The covid 19 is severely damaging and rapidly spreading. The world is drastically taking steps to save the mankind from the virus. But these actions are disproportionate to the actual threats of the virus.
    In pandemic like these, the Church has to responsively contribute to the society. Let us continue to focus on the ultra vulnerable people in our neighborhood. Primarily, orphan’s, migrant workers who are returning, workers who are part of unorganized trade, street vendors, women and children affected by domestic violence, old age people, indigenous families, child laborers, addicts, needy and sick. The battle against the virus will continue for a longer period. The Corona impact has created a new world order. Interdependency among nations has begun with realization to fight the virus and stand united. Hygienic lifestyle with social distancing is becoming a way-of-
    life. Access to basic essentials like water mask, nutritious diet and income are limited or not available to the people under poverty. Strengthening Public Health systems at all levels. The Covid 19 had struck the core of migrant labour system in India. The unemployment percentage in each of those states has climbed along the return of these migrant labourers. At this moment the Vocational Guidance Wing of the Church can identify the returned labourers and assist them to get employed locally. Promote micro entrepreneurship and cooperatives to meet the demand of the PPE, masks and gloves. Appoint mission workers to assist the needy and mobilize resources by colloborating with all agencies to make difference in the life of affected people. Humantarian crises has demanded the need of mission work in affected areas of the Church.
    The Church shall mobilize it’s resources to save lives and to protect human dignity. towards common human goal.
    Reviving the mission hospitals is absolutely necessary to provide supportive healthcare. Let the Church stand together with the government to help people towards Self- Reliance. Best Wishes and Prayers.
    Sankar Samuel
  • Sankar Samuel
    followed this page 2020-05-19 13:47:26 -0400
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