NESSL update on Syria

NESSL update on Syria


[The following is exerpted from Dr. Mikhael’s recent report on the situation in Syria.]

The National Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) thanks you sincerely for your prayers and support of our ministry among the Syrian refugees and displaced. This is an update on our new relief program launched as of 1st of August.  After the special committee set the conditions, and finalized the special forms in July, forms have been sent to all the churches in Syria. There will be a training Seminar in August for all those who will be involved in relief from all six locations in Syria and Lebanon. We trust in our God for guidance so to be able to serve as many as possible. And also rely much on our partners who are serving with us.

Our general Secretary, the Rev. Fadi Dagher, has visited our churches in Latakia, and Banias, Syria.  He led worship services in both churches, Saturday and Sunday. He also met with the session members in both and visited with some displaced families.  Rev. Dagher reported that there are 60 displaced families from Idleb, Ghassanieh, Ghonaimieh, and Aleppo in Latakia. The church there is involving all in its services and activities and all living as a large family. All those families have been cared for by NESSL.  With the presence of more children and youth, they expressed their need for educational material for children, a photocopier, a laptop and an LCD (toal cost: $4000).  We surely hope to supply those to the church so to provide good service to the youth and children at a time when those need much care.

Rev. Dagher was happy to see that the church in Banias is sticking together in worship and in service.  In this church and others, it is hosting two families from Aleppo. One man is a musician, who has taken responsibility of gathering the youth and having made a choir for the church. God surely works in mysterious ways to uphold His church. Glory be to Him.

You may know that the situation of the refugees is getting more tragic day by day. Syria is calling all those living in misery in neighboring countries to come back to Syria.  At least they will be displaced but not refugees. And they will not be abused as many are.

On the other hand with the increased pressure on the Lebanese, as the numbers of both Syrians  and Palestinians coming to Lebanon, there are voices calling to close the boarders to avoid more refugees, and an attempt to send many back to Syria. We as a church are challenged to find ways to help people having hope where hope seems to be impossible.

So our good and faithful friends, please pray with us, pray for peace, justice, and God’s mercy. Pray for a soon end to this tragedy.

To God be the Glory now and always.

*Dr. Mary Mikhael is a staffperson for the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, the immediate past president of the Near East School of Theology, and a former meber of the Common Global Ministries Board of Directors.