New Update from First Paraguayan School for the Deaf

October 2020 Update:

The First Paraguayan School for the Deaf is based in Asuncion, Paraguay. The school offers general education for persons suffering hearing impairment and also serves as a training center for teachers, in coordination with a local university. The First Paraguayan School for the Deaf was established in 1962 and is related to the Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Paraguay. The school is a combined private and public school and offers hearing, speech, and psychological services to the community at a low cost. The school is also in the process of to establishing additional deaf schools in other cities. This school has a special literacy program for the further education of older deaf students and offers secondary school opportunities as well

At the beginning of 2020, a leadership delegation from Global Ministries visited Paraguay to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Paraguay. As part of this visit the delegation visited the First Paraguayan School for the Deaf. During the visit schools sign language choir performed the Lords Prayer as a beautiful Paraguayan dance. 

During the International Week of the Deaf (week of September 19), the First Paraguayan School for the Deaf received a new audiometer. This device is used to measure hearing loss and stimulate the  the hearing of someone who has experienced hearing loss. Through funds received through Global Ministries the school was able to acquire this device, which is and important tool for the work of the school.


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