News from the Center for Theological Studies of Venezuela (CEVET)


venezuela.pngFor the past three years, the Center for Theological Studies of Venezuela (CEVET), a theological institution of the Pentecostal Evangelical Union of Venezuela (UEPV), has continued the important work of offering a quality theological education to the men and women of Venezuela, even in the midst of a difficult environment. Venezuela is experiencing a significant amount of violence and rioting, as well as a substantial economic struggle. Food, medicine, and other material resources are scarce and the inflation rate remains high. CEVET shares that these circumstances have “a negative impact on the normal activities of citizenship in Venezuela, affecting the development of people, institutions, and social movements.”

However, even in the midst of these difficulties, the school continued to provide life-giving educational opportunities.  During the past three years, the school provided many different courses on a variety of subjects. CEVET offered some general courses including courses on Christian education, theology, ethics, the Bible, and pastoral care. CEVET also offered some special courses focusing on topics like Church history in Latin America, Indigenous spirituality and the violence of racism, ecological justice, and liberating biblical hermeneutics. One significant area of focus for CEVET was on topics related to gender justice, with several courses offered which confront religious and social patriarchy, violence against women, and provide opportunities to engage with feminist theologies. Each course is provided in short periods, allowing adults to receive a quality education while continuing to work and care for families.

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