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We give thanks for the life of TJ Liggett and his ministry in many places.  When we served inArgentinafrom 1997-2004, we heard wonderful stories about how TJ had blessed the church inArgentinamany years before.  While we were inArgentinawe received encouragement form TJ.  We give thanks that TJ is now fully in the presence of his Lord.  May the grace of God be with his family and loved ones.

Reverend Tim and Jodi Bobbitt


So many things could be said about the ministry of TJ liggett. He turned around a multimillion dollar corporation in the 60s, getting it to divest its stock in South Africa at a time when this was extraordinarily radical. He was unrelentingly faithful and lived a life that truly took the counsel of his faith rather than the counsel of fear. During World War II, when the United States was steeped in racist hatred of the Japanese, he put up a picture of the Japanese Christian Kanagawa in the church he pastored. It saddens me deeply to have lost yet another of a great
generation of churchmen!

Reverend Rik Spier


I am most sorrowful to learn of T J's passing.  He was the President at CTS when I became the Business Manager.  He was a known leader among Disciples and among the religious communities.  He was a mentor, a father figure, a companion and a friend whose counsel, guidance and love I will never forget.

I wanted to see him whenever I knew that he was in town.  We would reminisce, laugh and always express our love for each other.  He always made me feel important to him though his list of friends and acquaintances was legion.  I am less because of his passing but far much more due to his living.

"Vaya con Dios" T J.  I love you.

Stuart Mill

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