Tributes to Lois Elizabeth Swander, former missionary to Mexico

Read tributes to Lois Elizabeth Swander, former missionary to Mexico

My husband, Johnny, often spent a night with Lois and Courtney when he traveled from his assigned post to Aguascalientes for meetings.  He was always received with warm hospitality, talked trains with Courtney, and enjoyed the waffles Lois usually prepared for their breakfast.  I too enjoyed their hospitality (and waffles) on many occasions, and our children have special places in their hearts for "Uncle" Courtney and "Auntie" Lois.  As do other missionary children, ours lived far away from relatives and adopted our fellow missionaries as substitute aunts and uncles.  Lois's deep faith sustained her and blessed me.  She lived a full and fruitful life.

 Praise God from whom all blessings flow,

 Yvonne Huegel




Lois was a wonderful person.  She and Courtney had such a love of God and a love of the Church. Lois had a deep spirit of service and compassion backed up by determination and skill.  This was demonstrated in her many years of service in the mission field in Aguascalientes and it continued to be demonstrated in the many years since Courtney and Lois retired from the mission field. 

Lois worked diligently in the local food bank when it was Faith Church's day, she was an active member of the Women's Fellowship, and actively participated in the life of Faith UCC as well as Hill Country Christian.  Even after she moved to assisted living at Eden Hill Lois could be found helping with bingo, helping other residents get back their rooms, helping in the library, etc.  Lois had a passion for service as expression of love of God and love of neighbor.  Even when she was struggling with Alzheimer’s this passion for service did not dim; it was so deeply rooted in her character. 

It predates my time here by many years but I am told Lois was one of the driving forces to organize an observance of World Day of Prayer here in New Braunfels.   Emma Lou Bizer would know this story the best.  They are going to lift Lois up in prayer at this Friday's observance of World Day of Prayer.
We will all miss Lois.
Grace and Peace,
Rev Scott Martin
Faith United Christian Church
New Braunfels, TX


When I was there after Courtney's death, there were a dozen or so people from Mexico--most were clergy-- and someone--a minister who had graduated from Chicage Thelogical Seminary told me "You may have wondered what your sister was doing in Mexico all those years.  She planted seed of hope in the poorest of neighborhoods and we are the fruit.  She kept telling us we could do it."  That really touched me.

Lucille Ash
Lois Swander's Sister


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