Newsletter from the diaconal ministry of the Protestant Church in Morocco-August 2013

Newsletter from the diaconal ministry of the Protestant Church in Morocco-August 2013

Newsletter from the Comité d’Entraide Internationale,
diaconal ministry of the Protestant Church in #Morocco


“Does this work among migrants fall within the functions of the church? ” This is the question that a customs officer asked me a few days ago.

In fact, our church, seeing people in extreme fragility, has tried to address their needs, even with very limited resources.  Many hospitals and charities have been established by churches, governments have taken their responsibilities to care for those in need.  This is one way to answer the call to be salt and light of the world.

The Lord calls us to serve and therefore equips us with spiritual gifts. The Apostle Paul asks us to aspire for the “the greater gifts” (1 Cor 12:31 ) . Which are these more “useful” gifts that serve to build up the Body of Christ and that we should desire (Eph. 4:12)?

This is not to say that there are useless gifts, because each one contributes to the spiritual building of the church, but what are then these ministries that reflect “the best” mind of Christ himself? Are they not those through which we give ourselves to others in personal sacrifice?

Since the use of our spiritual gifts must be inspired by the example of Jesus and as a response to His love, we act with compassion and mercy to those around us, in humility and sometimes anonymity-“the left hand not seeing what the right hand is doing.” Considering all the needs that we see around us, we can act like the boy who offered Jesus his five loaves and two fishes.  He did not just wait for the intervention of the rich to feed the multitude, but in his poverty he gave what he had, and the Lord used it. The Lord continues to challenge us with his words “You yourselves give them something to eat!”

We invite you to join our local teams to serve together in this ministry of love. The Lord Jesus tells us: ” Whenever you did it to the least of my brothers here, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40).

Carlos Funk

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