Newsletter of the RCH – December 16, 2016

Newsletter of the RCH – December 16, 2016

The Wise Men were lead to the Christmas Child by an external instrument. “We saw his star, “they said. Here today we can and must be stars like this which lead others to Christ. On behalf of the Presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary, we wish you a blessed Christmas!

Read the full Christmas message of the General Convent here.

As we enter into the holy time of year, we take time to reflect on moving Christmas stories both past and present.

Coming to Hungary for Jesus

For 2015, the RCH focused on a refugee family from Iran who fled their homeland due to religious persecution. They now live in Budapest and are free to celebrate their Christianity to the fullest. Click for more…

A Real Christmas

In 2012, the RCH created an Advent project titled The Boy- an interactive story of the nativity with a full website to go along with it. The project attempts to explore the major question of Jesus’ birth -Why did God become man? Click for more…

Holy Season at the Scottish Mission

This Christmas season the RCH celebrates its ecumenical partnerships by focusing on daily Advnet videos created by the Church of Scotland. St. Columba’s Scottish Mission in Budapest, a common congregation of the RCH and CofS, created their own video on the theme “Life”. Click for more…