Nicaraguan partners request our prayers in the midst of a critical situation in Nicaragua

Damaris Albuquerque E., Executive Director of Council of Evangelical Churches for Denominational Alliance (CEPAD), Benjamín Cortés, Dean of the Martin Luther King Jr. University and Jeanette Salley, our Mission Co-worker serving with the Moravian Church of Nicaragua are requesting our prayers regarding the social unrest in Nicaragua on this past week. They reported incidents of violence caused by protests against some reforms that the Government of Nicaragua has tried to put into effect regarding the Social Security Law.

The protesters alleged that the reforms would affect amount of payment that the retired people would receive and it will increase the amount that is paid by the employers and employees. This generated a great number of protests across the country, especially from the University students. These protests led to people being killed—students, one policeman, one journalist, innocent bystanders, other protesters.  

After several days of protests, President Ortega has appeared on national TV, accepting the mediation of Cardinal Brenes, from the Catholic Church and proposing a national dialogue between businessmen and workers. However, protests continue as citizens have been wounded and killed during the past days.

Let us pray for peace and dialogue in Nicaragua. Let understanding and reasoning between the different social actors be the guide on their conversations. We urge the churches to accompany our friends and Partners in Nicaragua.

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