No 5 star vacation is this

No 5 star vacation is this

No 5 star vacation is this. We have entered a whole new world, a new culture. We love it.

No 5 star vacation is this.  We have entered a whole new world, a new culture.  We love it.  We have not seen the first thing that is for the tourist.  Now Jack walked to a campground called Chalet, maybe that could qualify.  It was a little far for me.  Besides I had already taken a walk to and from the church on forest paths.  We met some cows on the path.  They said moo, and moved over. 

We went to a rocking birthday celebration for the pastor’s wife.  We were invited to a home for dinner.  We gathered around a coffee table and had our plate of rice and stewed chicken on our lap in a tiny little room.   When we returned home I said welcome to our spacious home.  Miriam our host walked us home.  Jack held a flashlight so she could see a little way on her return home.  Alas this gracious 52 year old went skipping down the path.  Every morning we awaken with the rooster crowing in our yard.

Even the sky is different here.  I have spotted the Southern Cross and the Milky Way is clear.  There are so many stars and the moon is beautiful.  It has been full but is beginning to wane now. 

Church is always exhilarating.  The place is jumping before worship begins.  But when you have 500 teen-agers you are bound to rock.  Now this is not contemporary worship, this is culture, deep down enthusiasm for worship.  Jack preached at Mt. Selinda, UCCZ last Sunday.  One of his illustrations was about an African game played with pebbles.  Monday at the Daisy Dube Home a little girl was playing the game.   

I go to the home nearly every day.  I am writing a report on each child.  I read their records.  Some of them have suffered, all have been abused or neglected and have no one to care for them.  Thank God the church cares enough to have a place like the Daisy Dube Home for Children.

Now if you go to and link missions, countries and Zimbabwe you should be able to find the Daisy Dube Home.

Enjoy the photos.  The first one is the farm, also a part of the mission.  You can see women working the fields with hoes.  One has a baby on her back.  One is a lady dancing for her group at roll call.  Another is the CYF dancing with the church in the background.

We are happy and excited to be here.

How can you not love Global Ministries!!!!

With a prayer…

Midge and Jack

Jack and Midge Barnes are serving as Short-term Volunteers with the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe.