Notice of the passing of the Rev. Sam Arends

I write on behalf of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA); to inform you of the sad loss of the Rev. Sam Arends ‘Uncle Sam’. Rev. Arends was called to higher service this morning, May 22, around 11:00am at the age of 90. More details about funeral service will be shared soon.

Rev. Sam Arends remains one of the greatest Congregationalist’ stalwarts of faith that have been ordained, ministered, served and gave all they could for the unity, ministry, mission of the UCCSA; and the gospel of Christ in Church and In Society. Rev. Sam Arends was a leader of the UCCSA in various capacities throughout his life. ‘Uncle Sam – Oom Sam’ will forever be remembered for his gentleness and affectionate servanthood that he demonstrated as the UCCSA General Secretary from 1988-1997, and amongst many of his responsibilities that included UCCSA Chairman 1979-1980. He also was a great ecumenist as he represented the UCCSA to the Council for World Mission, Global Ministries, World Council of Churches and many other ecumenical forums beyond UCCSA. May his Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Kudzani SBM Ndebele
General Secretary