Nutrition Garden and Fishery Project

zim2018.jpgChristian Care Zimbabwe has a long history of working with marginalized people throughout the country, dating back to 1967. The organization has successfully implemented a variety of humanitarian and community development programs. These programs have assisted in the areas of food security, garden production, water and sanitation, child protection, HIV/AIDS, and more. 

The Masvingo Office has been implementing many food security projects for the past 40 years. These have ranged from irrigation development, livestock production, conservation farming, initiating new agricultural projects, and emergency food assistance. In recent years, the church has been adapting their food security projects in response to increasing climate variability. CCZ has been implementing new techniques to boost community capacity to promote resilience. These techniques include conservation farming, fisheries, water harvesting, and livestock production.

zim22018.jpgIn an effort to increase the resilience of communities in the Chiredzi district, Christian Care Zimbabwe is implementing a new project to diversify the fish and crop production in the region. The region falls under an agro-ecological characterized by low rainfall and high temperatures. Over the past two decades, the frequency and magnitude of climate-induced hazards have increased drastically and small-scale farmers who lack access to advanced water supply and irrigation facilities are affected the most. This, coupled with other challenges such as the burden of HIV/AIDS, economic decline in the country, environmental degradation, and labor shortages as young adults move to larger cities for more opportunity have left the communities struggling with chronic hunger, low incomes, and malnutrition.

The Nutrition Garden and Fishery project will improve access to the water supply system of the Chaitemura community garden in Chiredzi. This will be achieved through purchasing and installing a water pump for more irrigation to the garden. Once the water pump is installed and running, the water will be able to be stored in an overhead tank for use in the fishery projects, as well as the community gardens. As a result, Christian Care Zimbabwe anticipates this better irrigation for farms will increase the production of vegetables, cereal crops, and fish for the region.

The CCZ will offer training sessions on the value of food preservation, operating dehydrators powered by solar energy, and using other methods to increase the life of the foods produced through the project. This project has a strong focus on improving household nutrition. However, in addition to household nutrition, excess dried vegetables can be packaged and sold to large wholesale and retail shops in nearby cities, thereby increasing household incomes for households in the community.

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