October Update from Mozambique

October Update from Mozambique

Greetings from Mozambique! The rainy season has finally begun here and that means it is also getting hotter! It is a big difference from living in Oregon where rain equals cold. When we first arrived in Mozambique I thought it felt like it would take forever to acclimate to the weather. I think I have finally arrived at that point. I even wear long sleeves when it drops below 70°. I am starting to worry about the cold weather in Oregon when we visit family in December. My first stop will be the Goodwill to purchase a nice warm coat!

October has been a good month. We have been reconnecting with church friends in Munhava and working to connect them with some interesting projects we have learned about in Beira. One of the other churches in town has started a sewing training program to help support its many widows in the congregation. Kim’s friend Carla began the program and mentioned their desire to work with other churches and Kim immediately thought of our friends in the Munhava congregation. We even found that one of the women in the project is a friend of the pastor of the Munhava church! It is so exciting to see the ways God is working to connect us. It is early days yet, but we hope this kind of ecumenical work and cooperation will continue to grow and flourish.

Construction work continues on our house in Goi-Goi and we hope that it will be complete in January when we return from vacation. The United Church of Christ in Mozambique (UCCM) is having its national synod meeting in early November and after that we will visit the farm in Goi-Goi to plant the seeds in the training field. We will also be working with Pastor Lucas Amosse, UCCM President, to strengthen our connection with the people there and make plans for the coming new year.

This is an exciting time in this ministry. There is a lot of potential and hope for the future within the church here and their efforts to promote peace and develop communities like Goi-Goi both spiritually and economically. Mozambique has many unique challenges that stand in the way of the church’s success. I encourage you all to continue to support our sisters and brothers here with your prayers that they might be lifted up in spirit for the work God has for them to do. May God also continue to bless you and your communities of faith around the world.

With gratitude and prayer,

Erik and Kim Free

Kim and Erik Free serve with the United Church of Christ in Mozambique. Their appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Churches Wider Mission, and your special gifts.