Oklahoma Region’s People-to-People-Pilgrimage group raises funds for Caminante

Oklahoma Region’s People-to-People-Pilgrimage group raises funds for Caminante

ok2.jpgIn 2017, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma organized a Global Ministries People-to-People Pilgrimage to visit global partner, Caminante in the Dominican Republic. This is a pilgrimage the region has offered each summer for the past nine years. Each year, the group participants think of different material items to bring from Oklahoma that will support the work of Caminante. As this year’s group began planning, they decided to raise funds for Caminante’s growing summer outreach programs – the programs the group would be participating in during their pilgrimage.

While the fundraising efforts were led by Don Johnson and Loma Sullivan, each participant used their own creativity to share about the work of Caminante and their upcoming Pilgrimage. Two young adults organized craft fairs, and several others hosted a community-wide spaghetti dinner in Ponca City. Participants also took up opportunities to speak and assemble displays at Sunday school classes, worship services, and Disciples Women events. Additionally, the fundraising efforts for Caminante’s summer children’s activities were shared by letter to past pilgrimage participants from Oklahoma who were not able to participate in this year’s pilgrimage.

Through all of these efforts, the group raised $3,000 for Caminante’s summer outreach programs and fairs for children. This is in addition to the generous support the Oklahoma Region has provided for the work of Caminante annually for the past nine years. The participants shared that they were glad to know that their fundraising efforts and their presence supported Caminante’s vision for a meaningful summer of children’s outreach activities.

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