Orrick Christian Church Youth helps children attend school in Laos

Orrick Christian Church
Orrick, Missouri

two.jpgXuyen Dangers, Global Ministries staff working in Laos, recently visited Orrick Christian Church in Orrick, Missouri.  In her presentation to the children, she told them that $20.00 is needed for a child in Laos to go to school for one year.  She encountered three boys in the group who did not speak out during her children’s sermon, but who took action right after she spoke to them at Children’s time.  The three boys came up to her after the worship service and gave her $60.00.  They told her “This is for three children in Laos to go to school”. The money was sent to Global Ministries to be used for educating three children in Laos through the programs where Xuyen served.  Later, others in the Orrick Christian Church who heard Xuyen speak during Sunday School, church service and at the youth group later that evening, joined these three boys and sent $150.00 for the same purpose in appreciation for Xuyen’s presence among them.

Learn more about the After School Program in Laos here.

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