Palestinian Refugees: Stories of Impact–Gaza

Palestinian Refugees: Stories of Impact–Gaza

The Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees of the Middle East Council of Churches has touched the lives of many thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Galilee and Lebanon.  The following are some of those stories.

Amira’s story

Her beautiful eyes are full of sadness, oppression and pain. Amira is 9 years old and a student at Shija’ia school in Gaza.

“I lost my father in an Israeli air strike when he was on his way to home. Then my mother left me and married someone else and now my brother and I live with my grandfather and my grandmother. I miss my father too much. I miss his voice, his smile. Now I and my brother feel alone. Since my father’s death I am very scared. I always think of death and my father.”

Amira suffered from nocturnal enuresis. Staff from the Shija’ia Primary Health Care Centre visited her at home and worked with her grandparents to explain the importance of communication with Amira and her brother. Both children now attend the recreational activities of the psychosocial programme that is run at the Shija’ia centre.

We have also followed the guidelines for nocturnal enuresis by motivating her through words of encouragement, awards and gifts from the center.

Now Amira has become more interested in herself and is improving gradually. She is making her way in this life but she still needs support to be able to move towards a better future. 

Asmaa’s story

Asmaa Orabie attended the Darraj Primary Health Care Clinic in Gaza with her 3 year old daughter, Raneen.

She explained “my family consists of 8 members and myself. We live in a very poor environment. Our house is cracked with bad ventilation, drinking water is not available and utensils are not clean and unhealthy because of the small size of the house. My husband is sick and can’t work.”

Raneen was suffering from malnutrition and anaemia. She was seen by a specialist doctor at the Darraj clinic and was prescribed iron supplements and a special milk powder. Asmaa attended individual health education sessions and learned how to prepare food for her children using the simplest and cheapest ingredients.

Raneen’s health has now greatly improved and Asmaa and her family are very grateful for the services offered by NECC through the Darraj Primary Health Care Clinic.

“Amir’s” Story

“I wish I could learn carpentry. My father worked in Israel but because of the siege and closure he did not work for many years. Then he was martyred during the recent war in Gaza in front of my eyes. I will never forget this sad, black moment.” ‘Amir’, a 26 year old student.


“There are seven of us in my family. I have an older brother who completed secondary school. My family lives on the donations of the charities. We also get cash assistance from the NECCC that help us with basic living requirements”.

‘Amir’ began to learn carpentry and is now able to help his family with his earnings. He works in the evening and continues to study carpentry during the day. He also participates in the psychosocial support program.

Talking to him now, it is impressive to see how full of hope ‘Amir’ is and how strong his desire to work towards a better future for himself and his family.