Namibia Synod – United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

The Namibia Synod of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa is one of five synods in the denomination.

Its priorities include:

  • Ministerial training and formation;
  • Children’s ministry;
  • Youth ministry;
  • Stewardship development;
  • Church growth and development;
  • Leadership training and development;
  • Transformative Justice and Social Responsibility.

The following statement from their June, 2006 Annual Meeting on Understanding Poverty – Challenge to the Church”” was adopted:

The Namibia Synod of the UCCSA understands Poverty as the unequal distribution of resources that denies access to knowledge and results in some people living under a “poverty” line, and being burdened by debt and diseases like HIV & AIDS and Polio.  The Namibia Synod reaslises that we, as the Body of Christ, must be the catalyst that returns value to people, just as Christ did when he died on the Cross for the whole of humanity.  The Church is therefore mandated to take up the challenge with regard to the unequal distribution of commonalities like land, water, mineral and marine resources within Namibia.

The Namibia Synod of the UCCSA accepts the challenge to redress the unequal distribution of resources by (a) re-defining how resources are accessed in the world; (b) actively campaigning for just trade and the cancellation of debt;  (c) canvassing for aid without conditional ties; (d) redressing universal power relationships within our country;  and (e) advocating just principles to issues and institutions that govern our relationships.

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