People in Mission

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"Even in the face of a nuclear disaster, we knew Global Ministries would continue walking with us." 
When a tsunami destroyed Sendai, Japan no one asked whether or not Global Ministries mission co-worker Jeffrey Mensendiek was going to flee the disaster with many others from the U.S. and other countries living there. No one asked because they knew Jeffrey was their neighbor, that Sendai was his home, and that he would be with them even in the shadow of nuclear disaster.

As the waters receded, Jeffrey helped the Japanese church organize youth groups who had come to help repair the city. At first, the arriving young people complained that they weren't working - just sitting and talking. Slowly, though, they came to the realization that more than homes and offices, it was lives that needed to be repaired. It wasn't their hands that were needed, but their hearts.

For over two centuries, Global Ministries, beginning with its predecessor mission bodies, has sent individuals whose passion for Christ's Good News and God's people have served in a mutual sharing of God's abundant life. Through disasters, dictators, and despair, mission co-workers walk together with international partners and communities as they develop ministries that sustain all of God's creation.

The sending and receiving of mission co-workers is essential for Global Ministries. Their presence fosters deep relationships with international partners, and their witness in churches in the U.S. and Canada during their home assignments make connections among congregations like yours.

Global Ministries receives a growing number of requests for mission co-workers from international partners. Your special gifts are needed to help Global Ministries send dedicated individuals to walk together in hope with partners.

Make a gift to support Mission Co-worker Appointments