Pray for Thailand on Sunday, February 26, 2017

IRCP_PYU_Mae_Hong_Son_Refugee_Camp_1_image_2.jpegLectionary Selection: Matthew 17:1-9

Prayers for Thailand:

God of change,
When our life gets tangled by the mess of darkness we look to you for a vision of freedom.

Help us take responsibility. Empower us to do your work in the midst of injustice, death, failure, and defeat.

We ask that you hold the people of Thailand who grieve the loss of their former King Rama IX in October 2016 closely and give them the grace of the Holy Spirit to move through a time of uncertainty and transformation with love.

Accompany the people of Thailand who experience the long term reality of refugee plight and seek ways to provide aid to situations all hoped would be temporary.

We pray for your mercy and wisdom for all of these things through Jesus Christ, your beloved Son, whose power uplifts us. Amen.




IRCP_PYU_Mae_Hong_Son_Refugee_Camp_1.jpegMission Stewardship Moment from Thailand:

The Institute of Religion, Culture, and Peace (IRCP) at Payap University is filled with professors who work in many areas of peacemaking, justice, and advocacy. In Thailand all professors are given the title of Ajarn (Aj. for short). It is a way of displaying honor for the vocation of teaching in the country. Many of the Ajarns from Payap University including Aj. Charlie Hill, Aj. Michael Meallem, and the IRCP’s own Aj. Tony Waters visited Mae Hong Son Refugee Camp 1 on the Thai/Myanmar border to celebrate the graduation of the students who took the Leadership and Organizational Development Course from Payap University, a school affiliated with our partner the Church of Christ in Thailand. The refugee camp is home to over 130,000 Karen/Burmese refugees from Myanmar. Although refugee camps are built to be adequate temporary housing, the refugee reality has left this community living in refugee camps for over 30 years. The refugees have many rules and regulations they must meet in order to live within the camp and they also know that the camps can be closed by Thai authorities at any time. The Karen people place a high value on higher education and have created make-shift schools, seminaries, and partnerships with outside institutions that bring classes within their camps. May the people of the church keep the Karen people, and all refugees living in “temporary shelters” on their hearts and minds.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Kristin Wolf)

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