Pray for Thailand on Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lectionary Selection: Luke 16:1-13

Thailand_2016_Kristin_Wolf_03.jpgPrayers for Thailand:

Mother of the world, we come as children of light before you to be of service.
We come in the spirit of justice, of peace and of mercy as faithful stewards of your eternal home.
Give us strength and humility to do your work.
Take our debts and our burdens hearing our voices cry out from Thailand.
Thailand_2016_Kristin_Wolf_02.jpgWe pray for peace within and among world religions,
Non-violent answers to conflict and cultural differences.
We ask that you build up our students in wisdom
And give us abundant peace builders
Entrust these people of peace with your true riches,
For it is you, God, who know our hearts and give us the good news that your kingdom is among us.
All praise to you, we long to see you.
Rejoice! We were lost and have been found.
In your everlasting love and light we pray,




Mission Stewardship Moment from Thailand:

Thailand_2016_Kristin_Wolf_01.jpgIn late July I arrived in Sangklaburi for a retreat with our partner the Church of Christ in Thailand with the CVT volunteers (Christian Volunteers of Thailand). I was greeted by Rev. Anne Gregory, a fellow Disciples of Christ Christian Church member and full time missionary. She was our leader the entire week and I was so excited and grateful to spend time with her. During the retreat each volunteer planned an English lesson, but a few of us who aren’t English teachers brought other lessons to our group. I planned a peace building through storytelling lesson because I am currently working at the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace and I have a background in biblical storytelling. It was fun seeing what great teachers these CVT volunteers were. I was the 12th volunteer to teach the group. Thailand_2016_Kristin_Wolf_04.jpgIt was a great opportunity to build empathy and compassion. The CVT volunteers are Christians gathered from around the world with many different cultures, traditions, and ideas of what it means to be in Christian community doing mission in the world, and more specifically in Thailand. We learned to listen to each other with open minds, simply creating space for people to share their stories and participate in oral tradition. Many volunteers expressed their appreciation for the time to engage with each other and they requested the resources to do this work in their own communities. Cultivating disciples to employ peace building with each other will harvest stronger people of faith moving beyond their own communities to the ends of the earth.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Kristin Wolf)

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Kristin Wolf serves as a Global Mission Intern, serving The Church of Christ in Thailand. Her appointment is supported by Week of Compassion, Our Church’s Wider Mission, Disciples Mission Fund and your special gifts.


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