Prayers for the Island of Tuvalu

Prayers for the Island of Tuvalu

State of emergency on the pacific Island of Tuvalu due to
water shortage.


Dear all:

Bula vinaka
and warm greetings from the PCC Secretariat. I am writing to you on behalf of
the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu through his General Secretary Rev. Tafue Lusama’s
appeal to each and every one to stand with them and the people of Tuvalu in
prayer and solidarity facing a very critical situation as stated below. We are
all aware of the vulnerability of some of our low-line islands such as, Tuvalu,
Kiribati, Marshall, just to name some, facing the challenges of Climate Change.
And as members of one body, we acknowledge the struggles and the sufferings of
our brothers and sisters in Tuvalu and their struggle is our struggle, their
suffering, our suffering as the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 12:26 “If
one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every
part rejoices with it.”

Therefore I am humbly
asking you to remember our brothers and sisters of Tuvalu in our prayers to
accompany them in their journey and challenges. A famous person once said:
“Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean.” So, let us
together lift our voices and our hands up in praising God and asking him for
his mercy and love for our brothers and sisters in Tuvalu and for our Pacific region
who is living through a tough times. But, as the Apostle Paul himself went
through such a tough times in his life, yet and still he has the courage to
advice other fellow Christians to rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it
again, rejoice (Philippians 4:4).

May the peace of God,
which transcends all understanding, will guard the hearts and the minds of the
people of Tuvalu as ours likewise. 


Sincerely yours,

Rev. Francois

Ecumenical Animator for 

Good Governance and Leadership

And Climate Change.

Acting General Secretary 



Dear friends, brothers, and sisters:

On Wednesday
afternoon the 28th of this month, the Tuvalu government declared Tuvalu to be
in a state of emergency due to water shortage as a result of the long drought
that has hit us hard for the past four to five months.

Most severe are
the southern islands of Nukulaelae which is experiencing a difficult time with
water shortage and local food as well. The coconut tree tops has started
falling off, breadfruit trees are dead, banana plantations are dried up, and
ever the traditional pulaka pits are rotten all because of the drought. Here on
the capital Funafuti, the government has sealed all the water catchments on the
island and whatever little water that is left is rationed to all people at a ratio
of about 20 liters per household.

I on behalf of
EKT would like to appeal to you for your prayers as we face this critical
challenge due to CC. EKT is trying to do what it can to assist the people most
affected, and we need you to stand with us in our efforts.


Thank you,

Rev. Tafue Molu Lusama

General Secretary

P.O. Box 02

Vaiaku, Funafuti