PROCMURA Participates in BBC’s Heart and Soul

PROCMURA Participates in BBC’s Heart and Soul

Christian-Muslim relations in East Africa

Dear Partners and Friends of PROCMURA,

The BBC World Service invited Rev. Dr. Johnson Mbillah to its weekly programme Heart and Soul to deliberate over Christian-Muslim relations in East Africa with a particular focus on the situation in the Sudan and South Sudan. The General Adviser spoke from the BBC’s Nairobi Studio while his fellow discussant Gill Lusk, a renowned journalist from Africa Confidential, and an expert on Sudan  spoke from London studios of the BBC.

The BBC has sent the guide for listening to the broadcast to Dr. Mbillah and it is as follows: 

On the radio:

Transmission dates are as follows:
Programme 1 – West Africa: on air from 16th to 19th March.
Programme 2 – East Africa: on air from 23rd to 26th March.

For details on how and when to listen in your part of the world, please use the following link:

On the Internet:

Perhaps the easiest way to listen is via the Internet. This is the relevant link:

The programmes should appear there on Saturday 17th and Saturday 24th March, respectively.  Choose between listening in your own time or downloading the programme onto your mp3 player as a free podcast. The programmes will remain in BBC online archive, where you can listen at any time using the link above (click on “See all programmes available now” near the bottom of the page if you can’t see it.)

We in PROCMURA are delighted that Dr. Mbillah has been given the opportunity to speak on pertinent issues on Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan and to respond to the many critical questions that were raised.  

We are particularly pleased that it would be possible for many people in the world who are concerned about the situation of Christian-Muslim relations in the two Sudans, and the economic and social development of the newest state (South Sudan) to have the opportunity to listen to PROCMURA’s views on the situation as ably represented by the General Adviser.

For a pictorial view of the interview and its announcement at PROCMURA’s website, click here: PROCMURA

Yours Sincerely,

Joy Wandabwa
Team Leader – Finance and Administration

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PROCMURA is a Pan African Christian organisation dedicated to Christian constructive engagement with Muslims in witness, mutual tolerance and collaboration towards peace and peaceful co-existence for the holistic  development of the human family. Founded in 1959, PROCMURA is the oldest and sole programme of the Churches in Africa that stretches a hand of friendship
to the Muslim community with a vision of a continent where religious communities can live with their differences in peace. Well established in 20 African countries, and visible in 10 more others, PROCMURA have well trained grassroots workers (men and women) on the complexity of Christian-Muslim relations.