Progress on the new pediatric wing for Bolenge Hospital

Progress on the new pediatric wing for Bolenge Hospital

Received by Global Ministries Area Executive for Africa, Reverend Sandra Gourdet, about Progress on the new pediatric wing for Bolenge Hospital, Democratic Republic of Congo

June 18, 2009

Dear Sister Sandra,

Today I would like to report on the construction progress of the pediatric wing of our Bolenge Hospital.  Under the surveillance of the architect surrounded by a committee appointed by me, the CDCC is happy to confirm that the work done up to this point is satisfactory to everyone. A delay to the original work scheduled was caused by the late arrival of timber and the time it took for it to dry before using it.

We are almost at the point of the finishing touches as the roof has already been completed and we hope that everything will be finished July 2009.  Please note that other difficulties disturbing the smooth flow of work are caused by the lack of regular electricity which is needed to make the burglar bars for the windows and doors.  But the building itself will be finished near the end of July or the beginning of August 2009.

I have attached photos of the actual work.  Before my arrival in Indianapolis, you will have other photos because while I am writing you, the finishings and installation of electricity continue.  The doors and windows are also being fabricated.  Let’s continue to pray for we are determined to have buildings that are worthy of this hospital, the mirror of the church in terms of sanitary facilities. 

In Christ,

Reverend Eliki Bonanga
Disciples of Christ Community in the Congo