Christian Commission for Development


The Christian Commission for Development was founded in 1982 by a group of Christians working with refugees from El Salvador who fled persecution in their country to Honduras, settling in refugee camps along the Honduras/El Salvador border.  From that initial work of human rights, service, and pastoral compassion, CCD’s ministry expanded into marginalized areas of Honduras. During all these years CCD has been able to constantly evaluate and reflect on their work in relation to the environment, which allowed them to make the necessary changes to meet the needs of changing realities.  CCD stands committed to the impoverished majority, given its mission “to work to bring the Kingdom of God closer to the Honduran people and Central America.

CCD works to provide various actions that help reduce poverty and social inequality, facilitating a culture of peaceful coexistence, protecting the shared environment of God’s creation, respect for human rights, and strengthening democracy.  Some of their priorities and methods include:

  • Coordination between local and municipal entities.
  • Capacity for action in the short, medium, and long term.
  • Rational use of available resources.
  • Ability to prioritize interventions in relation to their importance in terms of significance, timeliness, and relevance.
  • Joining and channeling efforts toward common goals.
  • Identify and develop strengths and overcome weaknesses.

The goal of CCD is to support and monitor local development processes through the implementation of programs and projects from the viewpoint of their Christian commitment to reduce the incidence of poverty and insecurity in six municipalities of Honduras in the following ways:

  1. Citizen Reconstruction: Capacity building at local, regional, and national levels on human rights, gender, environment, social participation, strategic planning, and development of social projects.
  2. Risk Management Gathering information on areas most vulnerable to disasters and reduce risk through prevention and mitigation in partnership with sister agencies that are part of the Action of Churches Together (ACT) Forum.
  3. Education and Theology and Ecumenical Relations: Strengthening relationships with churches and ecumenical groups through agreements to participate in the curriculum of the Theological Community of Honduras in both their classroom system and distance learning, as well as Pastoral Education Courses (STRAINS).
  4. Socio-Economic Development: Facilitate micro-enterprise development, financial management, and basic education for children, youth, and women-at-risk.
  5. Capacity Building: Promotion and coordination of institutional relationships at local, national, and regional levels to ensure the necessary resources for operational and administrative functioning of CCD’s program.

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