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Christian Health Association of Lesotho

The Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL) is an established partner of Global Ministries, founded in 1863. The association has six member churches, serves eight hospitals and 70 health centers. The mission of CHAL is to develop the highest quality and widest distribution of health services in Lesotho by providing health care through their hospitals and health centers. CHAL works in urban areas as well as rural communities and distant outposts. The Christian Health Association of Lesotho provides one-thrid of the health care to the country.

Lesotho is home to two million people and is a small landlocked country with mountains, plateaus, and hills. Its rugged mountain terrain limits access to remote areas. In 1993, after 23 years of military rule, a constitutional government was established but in 1998 violent protests and a military mutiny prompted a South African military intervention. Constitutional reforms have since restored political stability, with parliamentary elections taking place in 2002. Much of the male labor force from Lesotho works in South African mines. Recent layoffs at the mines have resulted in a high unemployment rate and thrown many families into desperate financial times. The economy is primarily based on agriculture, especially livestock, although drought has decreased agricultural activity. The extreme inequality in the distribution of income remains a major challenge for the country.

CHAL is committed to providing health care and services through the many projects they facilitate that improve the lives of many people in Lesotho. Their projects include:

Development and renovation to CHAL facilities:

Clinics and hospitals receive renovations and new developments based on the requirements in their areas. These projects include work on the water supplies, sewer, and power systems. Staff houses also are repaired when needed. Solar heaters are installed and electricity provides hot water. At one hospital a new mortuary was installed and a carpentry workshop established for coffin making which is working into an income-generation project – a sad result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Need for Medical equipment.

Depending on the requirements from the various health centers, clinics, and hospitals they are provided with equipment as funds allow. Some of the major equipment currently needed includes updated X-ray and film processing machines, chemical analyzer, infant incubator, dental chair, sterilizer, and ultra sound and operating tables.

Water and sanitation improvement.

Clean water and the safe disposal of waste are needed to improve the health and lives of many village communities. Water projects include preliminary studies and surveying, designing water supply methods, and preparation of the village constructions for approval. Health education on clean water and sanitation is given to the village committees.

Primary Health Care (PHC)

Primary Health Care is CHAL’s cornerstone for health care. Their broad objectives include: improvement of child survival activities with emphasis on immunization and child nutrition; the reduction of health challenges related to adolescent and reproductive health and safe motherhood; improvement of case detection of TB and related syndromes; promotion of hygiene and sanitation improvements; improvement of access to quality health services with new construction; and the creation of awareness and management of communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, and the promotion of rational use of essential drugs.

CHAL Nurses Training Institute (NTI)

This very special program must continue so CHAL can supply staff to all locations.

CHAL/World Food Program (WFP)

CHAL and the World Food Program signed an agreement in November 2002. The program includes food package distribution to pregnant and lactating mothers, to children under five years of age, malnourished children, tuberculosis patients, and orphans. Food is distributed at 24 health centers. Training of storekeepers and food distributors is also conducted in several locations.

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