Motorcycles Needed to Convey the Word of God

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The Evangelical Congregational Church of Angola

The Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (IECA) is a longstanding partner of Global Ministries. It was founded through the Chilume Mission of Bailundo, a province of Huambo. The ministry of IECA focuses on social development. Improvements have been made in the lives of many people through projects of rehabilitation, training, literacy, health, peace, rebuilding, and reconciliation. 

Angola is in southern Africa and is flanked by the South Atlantic Ocean. The coastal plain is narrow, and rises abruptly to a vast interior plateau and mountains. The official language is Portuguese and there are more than 11 million people. 

The 27-year civil war in Angola has devastated its people. The recovery is slow and people are still suffering from extreme poverty, malnutrition, disease, and hunger. The transportation system in the country is very poor because of deteriorated and shattered roads. Lives were lost in every city and village, and the rural social infrastructure was destroyed. The church was not an exception, as IECA was forced to abandon their social base in the rural villages where they served. 

The church is still an important part in the daily lives of the people in Angola. The Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola now has motivated personnel to again minister in these rural areas and convey the word of hope and development through social work and the Gospel.  Illiteracy and vocational training programs are taking place in several communities in Huambo, Bié, Namibe, Kuando Kubango, Moxico, Huila, Kwanze Sul, and Lunda Sul Provinces.  These communities have rural, remote areas in Tombwa, Bunjei, Bailundo, Elende, Dondi, Camundongo, Catabola, and Kawemba. Workers and pastors travel long distances on foot, sometimes for several days, to reach these villages. They become very exhausted and discouraged and the church is at risk of losing their motivation for long-distance ministry work.

There is a great need for reliable, motorized transportation to and from these villages and to keep the project operational. Standard vehicles like trucks and cars cannot reach these remote areas.  Motorcycles are the best means of land transportation in this area. Motorcycles cost less, maintenance is less expensive, and they can travel without roads in rough areas and go longer distances. The purchase of motorcycles will transport workers and pastors safely and reduce travel time. This will help them accomplish more for the people they serve. Many people die in these villages from serious medical problems because there is no way to get them to hospitals and clinics in the Districts. Motorcycles will also provide a way to help meet the transportation needs for the families and children in emergency situations.

To help the Evangelical Congregational Church purchase motorcycles for transportation needs Global Ministries seeks special contributions for this effort.

Motorcycles in Angola cost about $1500.

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