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The country of Sudan has 35 million inhabitants, 70 percent of whom are of Arab descent. Christians make up 3-5 percent of the total population; Christians are largely concentrated in southern Sudan, where the Sudanese of African descent are located.

The New Sudan Council of Churches was established in order to effectively address the situation of conflict in southern Sudan.  Its sister council, the Sudan Council of Churches, could not adequately cover needs of southern Sudan. The New Sudan Council of Churches has six member churches including the Anglican, African Inland Mission, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic churches. It’s administrative and program headquarters are located in Nairobi, Kenya, which borders southern Sudan and also has received many Sudanese refugees, numbering more than 600,000 in refugee camps at the height of the conflict.

When it was first formed, the New Sudan Council of Churches emphasized relief and humanitarian aid to areas affected by the war in southern Sudan.  The leadership quickly realized this was not sufficient and organized program areas in:

  • Peace Program – advocacy; participation in peace processes together with the All Africa Council of Churches, World Council of Churches; promotion of reconciliation at grassroots levels in southern Sudan;
  • Education – largely scholarship support;
  • HIV/AIDS – raising of awareness and education in churches;
  • Women and Youth – capacity building and promotion.

Global Ministries supports and seeks to strengthen its support of the New Sudan Council of Churches, in order for this body to continue playing an important role as churches continue to be involved in processes that will lead to peace with justice in Sudan.  Strategic financial support is needed for the programs of the New Sudan Council of Churches in order for the churches of southern Sudan to participate in important ways in negotiations, peace accords, and efforts around eventual reconciliation and development of southern Sudan.

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