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Global Ministries and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) have been partners for many years.  The PCEA carries out many educational and health ministries throughout Kenya, and for many years has specifically partnered with Global Ministries in a significant program in borehole well development as a part of their community-based programs in many areas of Kenya.  Accessible drinking water is a chronic problem in Kenya, and the PCEA has progressed from digging shallower boreholes that dry up during times of drought to working with communities in the use of heavy drilling equipment to provide deeper and more sustaining wells.  Such water projects are seen by the PCEA and by Global Ministries as an important “Critical Presence” in situations of need in Kenya. 

The PCEA continues to maintain a network of health facilities and educational institutions in the country including borehole water wells which are essential in providing communities with clean dependable water.  In each situation, research is carried out before the borehole wells are constructed and local community leaders receive extensive training so the borehole wells can be carefully maintained.

As a part of a long-standing partnership between the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association (SONKA) of the Ohio Conference, United Church of Christ and the PCEA region of Rubate, visitors from Rubate, Kenya, visited SONKA churches and events in Spring 2012.  Rubate College President Joel Ngatiari and College Board Member Evelyne Muthoni Kariuki shared with SONKA about the need for a new water system for the Rubate community.  Ngatiari and Kariuki expressed sincere appreciation for the gifts of the SONKA churches and people which funded the building materials for a health clinic at Rubate.  The Health Clinic at Rubate has now progressed to a full-service hospital and serves 1,880 patients per month.  The Rubate Hospital has a critical need for a reliable water source.  Currently the hospital must turn patients away when the water supply is insufficient.  Due to the recent drought the water system no longer delivers enough water and sometimes the water is unclean.  This situation has led to an urgent need for a new water system that will use a nearby river as its source. 

The new water system for the Rubate Hospital will cost approximately $63,000.  SONKA is helping the Rubate churches and community raise support for this PCEA water project as a way of reinforcing and strengthening their global partnership with the PCEA Rubate region.  Global Ministries welcomes gifts for this water project as well; as always, 100 percent of gifts designated for a particular project are disbursed to the partner for the specific purpose.

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