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The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) is one of Global Ministries strongest partners, one with whom we have walked for many years. This has been a very beneficial bilateral relationship. The denomination is transnational and serving in five southern African nations. Each nation has its own Synod and staff. 

The denominational headquarters is in Johannesburg and has a very small staff to carry out the many programs mandated by the synods and the UCCSA Assembly. Over the years, Global Ministries has provided missionary staff, some whom have been assigned to programs mandated by the Assembly. Most recently, there was an HIV/AIDS Coordinator assisting the five synods. There was also a staff person assigned to assist with income generation projects.   

With the departure of six missionaries from South Africa in last two years, a great vacuum has been created in terms of staff and program implementation. There are only three full time staff persons running the entire office for the denomination. Understanding the financial limitations of Global Ministries in providing staff, the denomination is recruiting local people to work part-time to fill the gap. This is at a tremendous added expense to the denomination. A request has been made to Global Ministries to assist with securing an executive assistant for the General Secretary of the denomination over a three-year period of time. This will provide some continuity and relieve the general secretary of some of the day-to-day duties that prevent him from addressing those issues mandated by the Assembly on behalf of the entire denomination. 

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