Ramallah Friends Meeting newsletter-Early Fall 2015

Ramallah Friends Meeting newsletter-Early Fall 2015

Dear Friends,

Greetings and peace from Ramallah!

As summer turns into autumn, I would like to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for your ongoing care and concern for the Ramallah Friends Meeting and, indeed, all the peoples of our beautiful and troubled region.

Like you, we were deeply distressed to witness the increasing number of refugees and internally displaced persons –Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, and Palestinians. Some are even double refugees, such as Palestinians displaced in 1948 who found refuge in Syria.

recuperation the Meeting House in Ramallah was for me! Life is very busy when one is in one’s EAPPI placement – so much information, so many difficult stories and challenging situations, but in the quiet and fellowship of Friends’ gathering in Ramallah it was possible to find some much needed inner peace. I am so grateful that the Meeting House is still there in Ramallah and so grateful that I could once again meet you there, upholding the Meeting and a tower of strength at its center. The Sumud you embody – affirming life – is so inspirational.

Another real joy about attending Meeting in Ramallah is the opportunity to meet others there from all over the world who are also striving for the same peaceful, just vision of the world. Conversations after Meeting are always fruitful and spiritually so refreshing. I only wish that during my three months I had more Sundays free when I could have been with Friends in Ramallah.”

Likewise, a Peace Studies student from Singapore shared her appreciation:

“I just wanted to thank you again for kindly making the time to meet with us midst your busy schedule. We just concluded our few days of orientation, and we can see that your conversation with us really helped to frame our understanding of the complexities here. Thank you for sharing your insights, and I really hope to be able to visit you again in Ramallah. The hospitality was most humbling, down to the lovely date cookies! It is clear to see how God has worked through you in sharing His love with all those around, and I wish you and yours continued blessings as you shine His message of love and justice.”

Despite the many challenging realities, the community that journeys to the Ramallah Friends Meeting continues to inspire and to be inspired. It is local and international, young and old. Many Palestinian members of the Meeting who are currently living or studying abroad, returned for the summer. This brought much joy and renewed energy.

Friends journey to our Meetinghouse because there is something there which sustains us. Something so sacred that it means more to us than our comfort or convenience. We are nurtured. Here, together, we find a path forward which empowers each one of us in our own way to resist structures of domination and establish the reign of God and a household of life.

Your friendship is invaluable.

Jean Zaru, Clerk, Ramallah Friends Meeting

Arlene Kelly, Clerk, Friends of Ramallah Friends Meeting (Quaker)