Rawdat El-Zuhur June 2021 Newsletter

Rawdat El-Zuhur June 2021 Newsletter

Another school year comes to an end and is coupled with mixed feelings of sadness of the goodbyes and the joy of fulfilment and accomplishment. We now look forward for the summer vacations to recollect our energy for the coming school year in August.

This school year was very challenging indeed as we were dealing with school closures and restrictions imposed because of the Corona pandemic. We, however, were capable of turning the difficulty into an opportunity to develop new approaches in our teaching methods. It was an ongoing learning process for students and teachers alike. When schools were closed, we went virtual and when allowed to reopen we applied direct teaching method with the same spirit of giving and dedication. It was not easy but our life under difficult conditions – to say the least – has taught us to put up with the challenges and trust our resiliency in searching for the opportunities to succeed. Teachers’ skills in online teaching were developing to the better every day and they were capable of providing quality education in the most flexible way.

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